Coaching calls

Looking for some quick expert guidance and motivation tailored to you? Want to make sense of the vast amount of seemingly conflicting fitness and nutrition information that’s out there so that you only focus on what’s applicable for your goals?

Then jump on a Coaching Call with me.

My Coaching Calls service is the customized fitness, nutrition, and wellness advice you’ve been looking to help start or course correct your fitness journey.

Low cost and little to no commitment means low risk. High value and a plan of action means high reward. Check out my Coaching Calls features and options below.

Then all you have to do is CONTACT ME and I’ll get you started on a Coaching Call—I'll walk you through every step!


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In the meantime, feel free to grab my FREE "36 Fix" guide along with a FREE 2-SESSION TRIAL of either my Remote Online Training or In-Person Training if you choose to sign up for either service.  To get these offers, all you have to do is scroll to the bottom of any page of my site and subscribe to be a Logan Fitness Strategy Insider.  


Who is it for?

Coaching Calls is the perfect solution for people who are not sure where and how to start their fitness and wellness journey, or for anyone who is looking to revamp their current exercise and nutrition routine whether because it has become stale or is no longer providing results.  It’s expert guidance at a low commitment to your wallet and your time.

How does it work?

If you decide to sign up for a free no-obligation consultation, I will gather information about your past and present fitness, health, nutrition, stress management, and lifestyle through simple, yet thorough, questions and assessments ahead of time—don't worry, it will all remain confidential—and we'll use our consultation time to address any certain areas, get a big picture, and use that as a basis on how we can make the best use of our coaching call(s). 

From there, upon choosing to sign up to be a Coaching Calls team, we will schedule our call(s) where using the information you provided from the free consultation, my expertise, and your questions, we will work to get you on the right path towards fitness and wellness for you.

I make it a point to thoroughly seek to understand who you are as an individual and where you would like to be in order to unlock the path to that improved version of yourself.

what are the features?

My Coaching Calls (conducted via phone, Skype, Facetime, or Facebook) includes the following:

  • Initial fitness, health, nutrition, and recovery assessment

  • Goal setting facilitation

  • Custom exercise, nutrition, and recovery roadmap based on your goals, abilities, limitations, schedule, needs, equipment access, etc. that you can take with you

  • Q&A about what we discuss or anything else you have questions on regarding fitness, nutrition, and wellness

  • Leaving the call with actionable knowledge pertaining to you, saving you time and a headache trying to learn it all yourself

  • Clarity on next steps

  • Newfound or renewed motivation

how much is it?

As you'll see when you explore below, I offer a number of different pricing options so as best to accommodate you.

I encourage you to take a look below to get a sense of what might work best for you.

Then all you have to do is CONTACT ME and I’ll get you started on a Coaching Call—I'll walk you through every step!


One coaching call

*One or as many as you like 


30 min call - 49.00


60 min call - 69.00


Monthly coaching call

*One call per month. Full term billed up front. Prices listed are per call.


3 month term

  • 30 min calls - 43.00

  • 60 min calls - 63.00


6 month term

  • 30 min calls - 37.00

  • 60 min calls - 57.00


Annual term

  • 30 min calls - 33.00

  • 60 min calls - 53.00