corporate wellness

We all know that healthier team members are happier and more productive team members.  As your fitness business partner, I will be your trusted advisor, leveraging The Better System as we work together in either developing and delivering a new corporate wellness program that meets your organization's needs or enhancing your current wellness program.

Many traditional corporate wellness programs focus only on disease management.  They try and find diseases and risks within your team through tests that many employees hate.

At Logan Fitness Strategy, I go beyond disease management to seek ways to holistically enhance your organization's overall fitness and wellness.  I focus on infusing health and wellness seamlessly into your culture in a way that lends itself to employees wanting to improve their health themselves.  The result is that your people feel empowered to take steps towards enhanced well-being on their terms—rather than feeling forced to—which, within the team, leads to improved morale, a more positive perception of the wellness program, and a higher adoption rate of the program's offerings.


CONTACT ME for a FREE NO-OBLIGATION CONSULTATION over the phone, Skype, Facetime, Facebook, or in-person—whatever works for you!  I'd love to hear from you and figure out how I can help your organization by working together.


In the meantime, for yourself and/or if you think it could help your team by directing them to it, feel free to grab my FREE "36 Fix" guide along with a FREE 2-SESSION TRIAL of either my Remote Online Training or In-Person Training if you or they choose to sign up for either service.  To get these offers, all you or they have to do is scroll to the bottom of any page of my site and subscribe to be a Logan Fitness Strategy Insider.  


who is it for?

You're a leader who cares about your organization and the people in it who make it great.  You understand that investing in the health of your employees is smart business.  It's simple:  if your employees are healthier and feeling better, they collectively will have a positive impact on each other and, ultimately, on your organization as a whole because your people will be performing better—this all ties into my Better System methodology.  

No matter what industry or size, public or private, start-up or established corporation, or non-profit or for-profit, let me help you improve the well-being of your team—whether you presently have an established corporate wellness program or not.

Together, we can achieve great things for your people so they can continue to achieve great things for your organization.

how does it work?

It all starts with CONTACTING ME for a FREE NO-OBLIGATION CONSULTATION.  The purpose of the consultation is for us to not only start getting to know each other, but it allows us to initiate the process of working together to craft and implement your custom corporate wellness program.  That process all starts with me gaining an understanding of you, your people, and your organization and your desired future state in regards to a new corporate wellness program or enhancing your current one.

From there, through any additional meetings—which may include, if necessary and feasible, me visiting your site and getting a sense of your team's environment and daily life—and an open line of communication, we will drill down and refine your requirements.  And we will also take your budget and my pricing into account so there are no surprises for you.  I make it a point to thoroughly seek to understand your needs upfront, because I want to deliver a solution to you that fulfills those needs within any governed constraints.

I will then provide you with the components of your Logan Fitness Strategy corporate wellness program and how it will be implemented, taking into careful consideration how to cultivate a culture of health and wellness that fits within your current core culture and integrates cross-functionally and with your other services and vendors.

After any final iterations from both of our ends, we'll be ready to go execute your program together!  

what are the features and benefits?

My corporate wellness service includes the following available features:

  • Remote online training (with—if necessary—certain modifications depending on your budget, number of employees, etc.)

  • In-person training (with—if necessary—certain modifications depending on your budget, number of employees, etc.)

  • Facebook corporate wellness group managed by me for your people to foster a sense of accountability, community, support, recognition, and conversation among them

  • Health risk appraisal of your team members

  • Workplace assessment on how conducive to wellness your environment is

  • Wellness events/challenges

  • Educational material via different mediums, including in-person (i.e. written, video, lunch-and-learns)

  • Team activities

  • Evaluating program VOI (value of investment, which goes beyond ROI and looks at the intangible benefits of a successful corporate wellness initiative)

My corporate wellness service can provide the following benefits:

  • Tool to attract and retain top talent

  • Improved well-being of your employees, leading to the following:

    • Heightened engagement

    • Increased productivity, energy, creativity, and resilience

    • Decreased absenteeism

HOw much is it?

Pricing is determined based on your organization's budget, size, and the scope of services/features that you desire. 

CONTACT ME for a FREE NO-OBLIGATION CONSULTATION over the phone, Skype, Facetime, Facebook, or in-person so that I can gain a better sense of your needs; this will help me provide you with a more accurate quote that can be refined throughout the requirements gathering process.